Google+ To Change Social Media

Google announced that they are field testing a new way of social sharing called Google+.

Mat Honan of Gizmodo writes: “Google+ goes far beyond just sharing status updates or photos with friends: It aims to change the very way we share and communicate.” You can read the full article.

Watch the official Google video below, see a demo or sign up to be among the first to use Google+ when it goes live.

Brian Duvall To Speak At Fortune Super Saturday Event June 25th

Brian Duvall To Speak At Fortune Super Saturday Event in JuneDuvall Media CEO Brian Duvall has been asked to speak about using social media and the internet to build your Fortune business at the Super Saturday training event on June 25th in Salem, Virginia.

It’s an honor to be a featured speaker at this event for Fortune reps from around the country. I plan to share tactics and strategies on how to properly use social media to network, establish rapport and start conversations in a way that safely opens the door for reps to share their business. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making ( and I have, too) is that we are so excited about our new business that we try to share it with as many people as fast as possible before we have been trained on how to do it properly.

The resulting catastrophe causes most to drop out as quickly as they got in.

People need to keep in mind that social media is SOCIAL. People are on Facebook and Twitter to socialize… not get pitched every five seconds by their friends and family to buy something or join a business opportunity.

In my presentation on Saturday, I will reveal my secret question that gets a 96% positive response giving me permission to talk about my Fortune business. This is the same question I use on warm prospects or total strangers. It’s what I use to engage prospects so that they are asking me for more information and it opens the door for me to ask for an appointment to show the business.

We expect more than 200 people to turn out for the training event to hear newly appointed Presidential Ambassador Ken Bailey give the business presentation starting at 10:00 am. The training sessions will start at about 11:00 am with each presentation lasting about 15 minutes.

Other featured speakers will include Joan and Dennis Sparks, Josh Perrington and others who will be speaking on various topics to help reps achieve greater success in their business. Local fitness trainer and owner of FitStudio 365 Robyn Goodpasture spoke at the event last year on the importance of keeping fit to help you be more successful and handle stress better.

Duvall Media Hired by Lynchburg College To Produce Web Videos for the School of Business & Economics

Dr. Ira Kaufman hired Duvall Media to help produce a series of web videos promoting Lynchburg College’s School of Business & Economics or SOBE as they like to call it.

Dr. Kaufman conducted interviews with some of his students asking them about what they liked about the school of business, what they considered to be the school’s WOW factor and how it prepared them for their careers. The school then syndicates the testimonial videos to the web to help drive traffic back to their Facebook page.

Unfortunately, I can’t show you the actual videos here because they need to go through an approval process at the college and if approved, they will only be used on the college’s website. My recommendation is that the college syndicate the videos to as many other web video hosting sites as possible to broaden their reach.

My other recommendation is that the college more fully utilize the talent and capabilities of the Donovan Media Center for video, graphics and web production because then they can showcase two parts of the college with every video. One part is the testimonials on how great the School of Business & Economics is and the other is the quality of the video production itself, being produced by the college. Just a suggestion.

Girl Scouts Skyline Valley Council Home Page Evaluation

I was contacted by the regional chapter office of the Girl Scouts to review their website home page and provide some insights on what they could do to improve the conversion rate and effectiveness of the site.

I gladly accepted. Anything I can do to help a local non-profit is time well spent. I did not charge them for this short evaluation video.