How To Quickly & Easily Back-up or Clone Your WordPress Site

How secure is your website and all the content you put on it?

If it were hacked or crashed for some reason, how quickly could you get it back online… restored with all of the content you worked so hard to create?

The reason I ask is because for several weeks the Duvall Media site had something wrong with it. Specifically, my blog page and recent posts widget weren’t displaying my posts in the right order and some were even being displayed more than once. I didn’t notice this at first but then I realized that several of my published articles weren’t showing up at the top of the page where they belonged.

How odd. So, I started my quest to track down the problem and fix it. Here’s the process I went through so you can learn from my experiences. Be sure to do each step one at a time and then check to see if the problem goes away before you do the next step.

  • Make sure the post or page is actually published and not just saved as a draft or scheduled to be published in the future.
  • Next, make sure your version of WordPress and your plugins are all up to date.
  • Then, if you have a membership site or a client only password protected area be sure to check to make sure you don’t have public content protected by mistake.
  • Then start deactivating plugins one at a time. Remember to see if the problem stops before you deactivate the next plugin.

This is how I found the problem on my site. I deactivated a plugin that I had recently updated and BINGO… problem gone. To make sure, I reactivated the plugin and the problem returned. The bummer was that I rely heavily on this particular plugin. The good news is that it has awesome technical support and a thriving user community so I submitted a support ticket and they gave me solutions to try.

I followed their instructions but the problem persisted. So I followed-up with them, answered a few questions, and they went in a fixed the problem for me. My blog is back on track and I’m a happy camper once again.

But then it occurred to me that backing up and/or cloning your website is a critical security measure that everyone should do on a regular basis in case of disaster. What if my site had gone down totally due to the plugin problem or during the fix? I have been blogging nearly every week since before 2009. That’s a LOT of content to lose. Some of it I could never re-create.

I have tried to do back-ups before but it can be complicated. I’m the kind of guy who hates complicated. If I can’t do it in a few clicks then I tend to not do it.


You and I can’t afford NOT to do our back-ups. It simply isn’t an option. So what do we do? I found this plugin that does for you in just a few clicks.

Problem solved.

It will not only let you back-up your entire website, plugins, setting, membership site modules & setting, your content, etc… it also lets you clone your site as much as you want. This is really POWERFUL.

So instead of me giving a sales pitch, I’ll just give you my recommendation… go here to check it out for yourself. It’s so inexpensive it’s a “no-brainer”. Don’t wait. Go now and install it before it’s too late. What’s the price for peace of mind? Certainly worth more than what they’re charging.


PS: I like this plugin so much I became an affiliate. Try it out. If you like it, too then you should look at their affiliate program. You should assume that they will compensate me if you decide to follow my recommendation and buy this plugin… however it does not affect what you pay or the fact that it’s really good. I would still recommend it even if I weren’t an affiliate.


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