National Speaker Hires Duvall Media To Produce Business Presentation Video

In the world of multi-level marketing or direct sales, top money earners become national speakers in high demand with a huge fan following.

Todd Rowland, a top earner with the network marketing company called FHTM hired Duvall Media and The Kingma Agency to produce a new business presentation video for his team. We were honored and delighted to work on the project with Mr. Rowland. The videos were shot in our studios at the Kingma Agency out near Hollins University.

Stan Kingma was executive producer and chief photographer for the project. Duvall Media handled the video production, DVD graphic design, website and distribution.

We started shooting around 9:30 am and wrapped up around 2:30 pm with no breaks. Todd tends to talk fast so we had to slow him down to focus on one key point at a time. Scripting is critical with projects like this because of compliance issues. Anything we produce has to pass inspection by the FHTM Corporate legal department.

Finally, after about 120 hours of editing and graphic design we had a finished product ready for first review. Todd announced the video at a presentation in North Carolina on a Thursday and by Sunday the video website had 14,000 page views and thousands of downloads. The reviews have been positive. Low-resolution versions are available for free download at

The DVD is currently in review at the corporate offices. The good news is that Todd has already referred us to 5 other top money earners with FHTM. I understand they are all waiting to see how things go with getting it approved through corporate.

Our hope is to get the rights to sell the DVD’s for a small mark-up to share with the speaker, FHTM corporate and The Kingma Agency. Below is the graphic for the DVD sales page once we get approval to go live.

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