Roanoke Wellness Coalition Hires Video Production Roanoke Va Firm Duvall Media To Produce Promotional Videos

Dr. Chris Lauria and Personal Trainer Robyn Goodpasture have teamed up to bring total wellness to the employees of area businesses.

They wanted to produce an introductory video that an employer could show in lunch rooms and lobbies to encourage their employees to participate in the wellness program. The employees get healthier and happier while the company gets happier, more productive employees and lower health care costs.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

To produce the videos I brought Dr. Chris and Robyn into the Duvall Media production studio out near Hollins University. They delivered their lines without a written script or rehearsals. A little coaching from me and a few tries from them and viola… a nice, short intro video. I suggested that we shoot two different endings so that we could have different videos to appeal to different audiences. Dr. Chris thought that people might think the wellness program is more clinical with him giving the closing lines so we recorded Robyn giving the closing lines to warm things up a bit and put women more at ease.

Here are the two versions. Be sure to post your comments below and tell which version you like better. Thanks.

Version A – With Robyn Goodpaster

Version B – With Dr. Chris Lauria

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