Client Videos: Product Demos for SleepSafe Beds

Client Web Video for Sue Plaisance

Sleepsafe Beds is a manufacturer of safety beds for children with disabilities like cerebral palsy, mental retardation, and other neuromotor dysfunction. These conditions make sleeping in a traditional bed too difficult or even dangerous.

Duvall Media was hired to produce a series of short product demonstration videos to help accomplish several goals including consumer education, brand awareness and search engine optimization.

To help the client save money, they requested that we use one of their employees, Chris Perry, to shoot and edit the video. Their sales director Susan Plaisance wrote and starred in the each video.

Once the videos were created, Duvall Media optimized and syndicated them over several weeks to grab multiple positions in the Google Search Results.

We also worked with their web master in New York to install, customize and integrate a blog into their existing website. The challenge was to make it simple to use so the staff could easily make updates without having to rely on their webmaster who can be expensive and sometime slow to respond. They also wanted to make the user experience seamless.